The Ultimate Sony A7SII SmallRig at an Affordable Price

Ever since buying 5D Mark 3 and then moving onto Sony A7s, I have been collecting bits and pieces of equipment over the past few years to get that ever challenging goal of stable, cleanly focused DSLR video footage from my cameras when working on commercial and documentary projects. Read more

A Guide to Interviewing for Documentaries

Great storytelling comes down to telling the truth. And by truth, we don’t necessarily mean the facts. It’s deeper than that. Great storytelling tells emotional truths, pulling authenticity out by any means necessary.  As filmmakers, it’s our job to do the digging. Interviewing for documentaries can be uncomfortable, because the truth is never simple. This is why documentaries are so important—they offer the time and context needed for the truth, as long as we can extract it. Read more

Why Present Your Product with Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are animated and short. Their primary goal ofproduct with explainer videois to present a business idea quickly. To engage and spark interest, these videos rely on quality visuals that grab attention. They use concise and clear language to directly explain what viewers are seeing. These videos can be educational and informational at the same time. In most situations, they are used to present products or services that companies offer. They explain the value of the product and what kind of problems that product can fix. Read more

The Sony FX9 is here…

Sony announces both the FX9 and Z750 professional video cameras.  What would you get if you threw a boatload of Sony Venice and A9 parts on a table and challenged Sony engineers to make a run and gun camera? Read more

Online Filmmaking Classes

Online courses have been around for a while; I’m sure many of us may even be working creatives thanks to some of these courses. However, the last five years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of classes taught by industry-leading professionals and recognizable household names. Read more

The Best Six Filmmaking Cameras Under £1,000 GBP

Quality film and video gear doesn’t have to destroy your budget! Here are six of the very best filmmaking cameras under £1,000 GBP. Whether you’re looking for the central camera for your next project or choosing a B camera for additional footage, there are many options out there for next to nothing.  Read more

Determine Your Video Duration with This Script Word Count

When looking to develop explainer videos, one of the most common expectations to manage is the duration of the video. Specifically, most businesses and individuals think they can get a lot more information into a short video than is realistically feasible. Read more

‘’Purple Is Her’’ sci-fi film made in 48 hours

An intergalactic poacher hunts an alien species to the brink of extinction whose wounds generate healing crystals for humans. The short film was written, produced and edited within 48 hours as a part of the SCI-FI LONDON film challenge.  The Cambridge based team were given the following criteria to incorporate into the film within 48hrs; Purple Is Her (Title), A map - a character studies the map and marks a location (Prop), including the words 'Very clever, you’re a real asset' (Dialogue). Read more

Film, Friends, Fun; Shadows and Light 2017

Receive £50 discount this May when you attend Shadows & Light which is a two and a half days of presentations, practical workshops and social gatherings taking place in Brighton, UK 14-16 May. It brings together filmmakers so that they can learn from experts speakers, learn from each other and, perhaps most important of all, meet other like-minded filmmakers, helping forge a community of like-minded people. Read more

Sarajevo Irish Festival proudly supported by Oggi Tomic Pictures

Sarajevo Irish Festival proudly supported by Oggi Tomic for second year running will take place in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina from March 16th to March 18th 2017. Don’t they say that the second album, or the second pint of Guinness, is never as good as the first one? But that is surely not the case for the second Sarajevo Irish Festival, because this year we have almost the entire Irish Bosnian community, as well as some fellow Celts, all working on pulling off another long weekend of culture, ceol, craic agus caint (music, chat and fun) with more guests, more sponsors and more locations. It’s gonna be a blast. Read more

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