The Best Six Filmmaking Cameras Under £1,000 GBP

Quality film and video gear doesn’t have to destroy your budget! Here are six of the very best filmmaking cameras under £1,000 GBP. Whether you’re looking for the central camera for your next project or choosing a B camera for additional footage, there are many options out there for next to nothing.  Read more

Sarajevo Irish Festival proudly supported by Oggi Tomic Pictures

Sarajevo Irish Festival proudly supported by Oggi Tomic for second year running will take place in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina from March 16th to March 18th 2017. Don’t they say that the second album, or the second pint of Guinness, is never as good as the first one? But that is surely not the case for the second Sarajevo Irish Festival, because this year we have almost the entire Irish Bosnian community, as well as some fellow Celts, all working on pulling off another long weekend of culture, ceol, craic agus caint (music, chat and fun) with more guests, more sponsors and more locations. It’s gonna be a blast. Read more

EXTENDED OFFER: Receive £50 discount for 2017 Shadows & Light Wedding Cinematics

What is Shadows & Light Wedding Cinematics?
Shadows & Light is an event for filmmakers, by filmmakers. It is a series of presentations, practical workshops and social gatherings that takes place over three days each year. It is intimate (limited to no more than 100 attendees). It is fun. It brings together filmmakers so that you can learn from expert speakers, learn from each other and, perhaps most important of all, meet other like-minded filmmakers, forging a community of like-minded people. Read more

RIP, Lily: The “drone that flies itself” actually won’t be flying at all.

The Lily was one of the first of its kind: an ultra portable drone that follows a tracking device that you wear on your wrist. All you had to do was throw the thing in the air, and voila! It would fly according to whichever flight path you chose. Read more

Book Launch: Chris Leslie – ‘Disappearing Glasgow’.

I first met Chris in 1997 as a 13 year old in Sarajevo orphanage where he came to as a volunteer to teach the kids B/W photography in a specially constructed darkroom in the basement. It was only supposed to be a 3 month summer project that grew into a 4 year project for him, and with meeting him, turned into a 15+ year brotherhood.
Read more

Filmmaker’s tale of surviving Sarajevo during Bosnian war – The Times

Photo by Jack Hill, The Times
Written by Helen Rumbelow and published in The Times nationwide.  Meeting Oggi Tomic, Cambridge and London based filmmaker, makes you wonder about what is ordinary and what is extraordinary. “I ­always wanted to be extraordinary, to be different,” he says of his boyhood. And here he is, in his nice flat in Cambridge with a ­lovely wife and a good job; shaking his head and saying, “Oh, my God” in mock despair when my request for decaf coffee has him rummaging in a cupboard. It is an ordinary scene in middle England. He is, however, exactly what he wanted to be: totally, staggeringly extraordinary. Read more

The remarkable journey of Cambridge filmmaker Oggi Tomic

01/04/14 Oggi Tomic centres - Cambridge, Cambridge
01/04/14 Cambridge filmmaker Oggi Tomic has just been nominated for a BAFTA for his documentary Finding Family. Picture: David Johnson
Twenty-nine years ago, amid the ruins of a country torn apart by a brutal and bloody war, Oggi Tomic took his first breath. Born with water on the brain and left abandoned by his mother in the delivery room, Oggi didn’t exactly get the best start in life. In and out of orphanages for much of his childhood; the 29-year-old would face near-starvation, shelling and unimaginable suffering almost daily. Read more

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