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Competition Films of SFF to Broadcast

Al Jazeera Balkans will transmit the film by Danis Tanović “Episode in the life of an iron picker ” in the area of the former Yugoslavia, while HRT will show the film onthe Croatian territory.  HRT is negotiating for TV rights for films from competition program of the 19th Sarajevo Film Festival, and basically for the films from documentary selection.

Overall, it is about nine featured films and12 documentaries, including movies like “Rob” by Pjer Žalica, “Married with a Swiss” by Arsen Oremović, “Soldate Jeanatte” by Daniel Hoestil and “Talea” by Katherine Muckstein.

”Both competition selections are so good that is hard to choose.  We have regular space for regional films and we will certainly improve the quality of our programme” said Đelo Hadžiselimović editor of HRT Croatian National TV.  Al Jazeera Balkans is currently the largest TV buyer of documentaries in region.

With Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF) we have agreed on rights for four films from this year’s documentary selection:  “Married with a Swiss,” “The Cleaners” by Konstantinos Gergousis, “Finding Family” by Oggi Tomic and Chris Leslie and “Gangster Loves You” by Nebojša Slijepčević.

“In the last two years, we have acquired the rights to most of the new titles that vary between art and documentaries about current problems, and we have already presented about 25 of them. Looking for content, we can say that the production in the region is not very large. It took a lot of efforts to fill the space with quality documentaries. There is also a problem for us as broadcasters that cover the entire region as the rights to movies are hold by different distributors in different countries”.

Our goal is to become a leader in the production of documentary content in the region and we hope to fill this space and achieve long-term cooperationwith companies and filmmakers in the region“, said Sead Kređevljaković, the editor of documentary program of AlJazeera Balkans.

(Source: klix.ba / sarajevotimes.com)

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