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Important, Powerful, and Inspiring Films You Should See

Below is a small list of films that have made an impact on me as a filmmaker and photographer. As you will notice, it  is short list because there are so many movies out there that it would probably take weeks to decide which ones to publish an article about.   its hard to pick and chose but these are some of my favourites and highly recommended.  I would appreciate to receive your comments below about what movies have inspired you as filmmaker, photographer or in general. If I haven’t seen them already, I definitely would love to and I am always looking for movies that help guide me on my path of learning and growing as a filmmaker and photographer.


Heinz Bütler interviews Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004) late in life.  Cartier-Bresson pulls out photographs, comments briefly, and holds them up to Bütler's camera. A few others share observations, including Isabelle Huppert, Arthur Miller, and Josef Koudelka. Cartier-Bresson talks about his travels, including Mexico in the 1930s, imprisonment during World War II, being with Gandhi moments before his assassination, and returning to sketching late in life.

CONTACTS, Vol. 3: CONCEPTUAL PHOTOGRAPHY  Features Thomas Struth, Wolfgang Tillmans, Roni Horn, Bernd and Hilla Becher, and other contemporary photographers told in their own words.


Vietnam and a naked girl running down the street. Iraq and Abu Ghraib. Srebrenica and Syria.  Name a conflict and it's likely that a photographic image comes immediately to mind.  After Eddie Adams died, the media ran his photograph of a South Vietnamese Colonel executing a Viet Cong prisoner at point blank range.  Just a few of the photojournalists who were interviewed include James Nachtwey who is regarded as the greatest war photographer currently working,  Tim Page who was wounded five times, declared dead twice and inspired Dennis Hopper's character in “Apocalypse Now” and Don McCullin regarded as the greatest war photographer ever.  Full documentary can be seen below.

Director Josh Tickell takes us along for his 11 year journey around the world to find solutions to America's addiction to oil. A shrinking economy, a failing auto industry, rampant unemployment, an out-of-control national debt, and an insatiable demand for energy weigh heavily on all of us. Fuel shows us the way out of the mess we're in by explaining how to replace every drop of oil we now use, while creating green jobs and keeping our money here at home. The film never dwells on the negative, but instead shows us the easy solutions already within our reach.


There are only a handful of films that address this critical topic, namely how we produce our food in the US and more importantly what’s in it. If you were going to only see one documentary this year and you wanted to get a speed course in what’s going on with our food and the impacts on our health, this is the film to see. This enlightening documentary takes aim at the US food industry and lays bare the realities of something so important and vital, that having this information could literally save your life.


It’s not easy being green and it sure ain’t easy being No Impact Man. Colin Beven is the hero of this wonderfully humorous and critically acclaimed doc that delivers a timely message about how we should live on this little planet of ours. Imagine no modern convenience, transportation, no garbage, coffee, no elevators, no electric lights and no toilet paper — it’s not easy being No Impact Man, the guy who experiments for one year living a lifestyle that has no impact on the earth and he does this in the heart of Manhattan! Colin’s reluctant wife is forced to go on this journey of abstinence and going without (especially without her Starbucks fix) with their three-year-old daughter. It is their relationship that makes this film warm, funny and entertaining. Colin’s book of the same title is a must read, but more important, introduce your friends, neighbors and children to his living curriculum.

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