Big Lottery Fund

Investing in Communities

A series of 14 short documentaries I've had a pleasure to work on for the BIG LOTTERY FUND: Investing in Communities programme which continues to fund projects though Growing Community Assets, which has four updated outcomes.

Key outcome: Communities have greater control over their futures through the ownership and development of local assets.

Bobby McDermott runs a boxing club on Monday nights at the Lottery-funded Whiteinch Centre, which is community-owned. At first he came to the centre to use their addiction support group but has gone on to set up a twice-weekly boxing club. Bobby describes the centre as 'a life saver' as it has given him a brand new focus in life, free of drugs.
Isobel Holburn has seen her beloved island of Foula transformed thanks to Lottery money. Isobel came to live in Foula in the Shetland Islands at just 15 when her father secured a job as a teacher. Since then she has made the place her home, except for a few brief months working away. Isobel brought up her family when there was no electricity or running water in Foula. Bruce Budge is a reformed prisoner who, having turned his life around, is helping young offenders to reintegrate back into their communities through the Lottery-funded Routes Out of Prison (ROOP) project. Bruce was sent to prison for robbing building societies back in the 80s, but these days is known more for his sterling work as a life coach helping prisoners who are nearing the end of their sentence to acquire the life, social and employment skills they need to rejoin society. Lighting Camera Op: Oggi Tomic Production company: GO BACK