From bus driver to ''King Bazza'', the Chepstow man revered as monarch in Indian village.

Photography featured in The Telegraph, Daily Mail and Mirror which also won award for ''Best Photograph'' awarded by the Telegraph Travel. After a varied career as a teacher, a bus driver, and a self-confessed ''public school idiot'', the last thing Barry Watson expected was to ascend to royalty.  But in a tiny Indian village, he is revered as a king. Among the Yanadi tribe of Andhra Pradesh, he is known as “King Bazza” and held in such awe that his “subjects” have been known to walk ten paces behind him, and children have feared to approach him.  However, at home in Chepstow, he is an ordinary father-of-four whose children constantly “take the mick”. Mr Watson was given the title after helping villagers, who once lived on a rubbish tip and had a life expectancy of around 40, to make a new home for themselves – which has been named Barrypuram in his honour.
But he was regarded as special from the moment he arrived by the tribe – who are at the bottom of the caste system and are descended from ratcatchers to the local kings.  “They said there was an ancient prophecy one day a white man would come and build them a village,” he said. Read story in full published by the Telegraph here