Language Studies International

Cambridge and Brighton

Camera operator and video editor for Language Studies International promoting their courses taking place in the picturesque city of Cambridge, Brighton and London best known for their university, but also a lively and bustling cities with plenty to offer even the most discerning international student. Series of films features testimonials by students living and studying in London, Brighton and Cambridge, surrounded by beautiful architecture, museums and art galleries, both being a heaven for anyone wishing to absorb some British culture. The large student population also means that London, Brighton and Cambridge are rich with independent shops and restaurants and are brimming with vibrant nightlife including live music, theatre and comedy - ideal destinations for anyone who wants to learn English in England. Other videos featuring on LSI official page are those promoting language school in London Central, Hampstead and their accommodation. If you'd like to find out more about LSI, visit their website. Lighting Camera Operator: Oggi Tomic GO BACK