The Bosnian War (1992 – 1995) was the worst violence Europe had witnesses since Word World 2. During this time, Mostar was the most heavily fought over city. Nedzad Kasumovic defended his besieged city and risked his life to film the destruction of the Old Bridge. Nearly 20 years from when it all began, Nedzad tells his story and unveils the true horrors of war. “This was a deeply moving film about the effects of the Balkan conflict on one man and one town at a critical and memorable moment during that war. The film was an excellent example of subtle editing of sound and picture, beginning cleverly against black and using sound throughout in an affecting and evocative way. It was somewhat slow-paced, though for the most part this suited the horrific material with which it was dealing. It was careful and delicate in its use of footage from the time, and beautifully cut together – the use of the year being a brilliant example of transitional editing. The final sequence featuring various people looking direct at camera reflected the consistently strong direction throughout the film.” Production Translator, Edit Advisor: Oggi Tomic Production company: NextDoor GO BACK