Surviving hell is just the first step. A story of hope and healing. Lessons for a troubled world.

Produced over a span of twenty-four years, from the war's first shots to the twentieth anniversary of the signing of the Dayton Accords that ended the fighting, to the present day, Sarajevo Roses is a cinematic essay told through 5 citizens who survived death and unimaginable horror and have struggled since to rebuild their city and their lives. During the siege of Sarajevo, hundreds of thousands of artillery, mortar and tank shells were fired into the city from the surrounding hills. As each exploded, it left a crater in concrete resembling a flower. Citizens stoically painted these "pavement petals" red and called them 'Sarajevo roses'. Some remain today, fading reminders of innocent blood that was spilled on these streets, in this once all-embracing city, which just 8 years before the war was host of the 1984 Winter Olympic Games. The Sarajevo 'rose' represents the impact of the war on the lives of these individuals and all citizens of Sarajevo. The world premiere of the film “Sarajevo Roses” is scheduled for the 14th of August at 8:00 pm in the Multiplex Cinema City. More about tickets and screening time can be found directly on Sarajevo Film Festival website Roger M. Richards - Director-Producer-Writer-Cinematographer-Editor. Oggi Tomic - Executive Producer and 2nd Unit Cinematographer. Peggy Meder - Executive Producer. Mitty Griffis Mirrer - Co-executive Producer and Writer. Zana Marjanović - Co-director and Co-producer. Harry Brown, Robert F. Wright, Emir Kapetanović and Harun Mehmedinović - Associate Producers. GO BACK