April 12, 2015 oggitomic

Raindance Selects ”Finding Family”

The Raindance Film Festival (RFF) has collaborated with a initial Sindh International Film Festival (SIFF) in Karachi, in an bid to shade some of the best films from a 21st RFF (September 25 t0 Oct 6, 2013) to a new assembly in Pakistan.

RFF, that has now been using for some-more than 21 years, is one of a largest festivals of eccentric film-making in Europe. At final year’s annual event, it screened 127 facilities and 165 shorts by film-makers from 53 countries around a world. These films were comparison from a sum of 4,300 submissions from 71 countries.

The agreement has been put together by The Independent Film Trust (IFT), a United Kingdom-registered gift that works with Raindance on a series of projects.

The organization was combined to allege a means of eccentric film-making, that supports initiatives that inspire seductiveness in film prolongation and assistance rising film-makers to rise and demonstrate themselves. It works closely with groups such as Raindance to foster creation and to applaud a vitality and farrago of a sector.

The IFT any year offers a Raindance Training Scholarship (RTS), that is awarded any year to a prolongation group behind a film that wins a Raindance Award during a British Independent Film Awards.

Similarly, a IFT supports a special RFF endowment whose leader gets a right to make a trailer for a following year’s festival, as good as a money grant towards a cost of production. IFT authority Neil McCartney will be one of a judges during a SIFF.

Sited during Nueplex Cinemas, Karachi, a screening enclosed 5 documentary and 3 novella features. These have been enclosed in a using for a Best Documentary and Best Feature categories during a festival, any of that will enclose about 20 comparison candidates.

The SIFF will take place from Feb 10 compartment 11 as partial of a ongoing Sindh Festival, that has been set adult to applaud Pakistan’s birthright and culture.

It is wise to see such collaborative ventures, that inspire inter-cultural communication and harmony.

The Raindance documentary preference (in organisation with a IFT):

Body of God, Jouni Hokkanen (Finland/USA)

Everybody Street, Cheryl Dunn (USA/Serbia and Montenegro)

Fall and Winter, Matt Anderson (USA)

Finding Family, Chris Leslie and Oggi Tomic (UK/Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Katiyabaaz (Powerless), Deepti Kakkar and Fahad Mustafa (India/USA)

The Raindance Fiction preference (in organisation with a IFT):

Jail Caesar, Paul Schoolman (UK/South Africa/Canada)

Season of Mists, Anna Tchernakova (UK/Russia)

The Empty Home, Nurbek Egen (Russia/Kyrgyrstan/France/UK)

As a One Young World (OYW) ambassador it makes me really proud and happy to see my film premiere, as well as well as  attend QnA for in Karachi, Pakistan to which I was invited by the organiser of Sindh Festival, Mr Bilwal Bhutto.

Source: The Express Tribune