April 6, 2017 oggitomic

Film, Friends, Fun; Shadows and Light 2017

Receive £50 discount this May when you attend Shadows & Light which is a two and a half days of presentations, practical workshops and social gatherings taking place in Brighton, UK 14-16 May. It brings together filmmakers so that they can learn from experts speakers, learn from each other and, perhaps most important of all, meet other like-minded filmmakers, helping forge a community of like-minded people.Shadows & Light is a gathering for filmmakers from  videographers, directors, camera operators, editors, producers, producer-directors, one-man-bands, small production companies, big productions companies. Maybe you’re just starting out and are at film school, or have just left film school. Or maybe you’re well-established in your filmmaking career. Our attendees are involved in the production of all sorts of content, from short online promo films to broadcast documentaries and feature films. Why should you come to Shadows & Light? You’ll learn a lot. Past presentations and workshops have included: colour grading; cinematic storytelling; adding appropriate cinematic motion to productions; VFX; mastering the interview; lens whacking; high frame rates & aerials; business growth for filmmakers; critiques of attendees’ work; which camera and which lens for which job; and more…. And… as well as learning from industry-leading pros, you’ll meet and network with fellow filmmaking peers. Win cool raffle prizes from our sponsors. Build up a network of professionals who you can turn to advice and work with on jobs. Get freebee hoodies and t-shirts… And best of all, you’ll become a Shadows & Lighter, joining the world’s fastest growing filmmaking community!  The full agenda is coming soon, but in the meantime, save the dates: 15th - 16th May, Brighton, UK. Agenda Highlights: More Details Coming Soon… Day One: Presentations:
  • Philip Bloom, Social Media for Filmmakers: How to Promote yourself; benefits and pitfalls of social media
  • Danny Lacey, Growing your Filmmaking Business
  • Dave Dugdale, Workflow for Matching Different Cameras in Post
Day Two: Workshops:
  • Philip Bloom, Lens whacking
  • Dave Dugdale and Ollie Kenchington, Story Telling with Colour
  • Nino Leitner, Half Day Challenge: divided up into crews we send you out into Brighton to film a defined scene. You have to plan the shoot, film it and cut it within three hours. We review completed films in the evening.
*Please note that agenda and speakers are subject to change.
To register and to attend the event, simply go to Shadow&Light website and enter a discount code OTSL2017.