Work for Barclays Bank campaign ”The Here We Go Again” face, a common symptom of the T&Cs stage in the sales process. It’s something dealers will recognise and customers will be used to feeling. It’s when the customer’s face says, “Here comes the pile of T&C info I’ve got to try and read thoroughly”.

Barclays Signing Portal makes the most complex part of the process simple, helping to remove any nagging doubt in the customer’s mind. So dealers can say goodbye to ‘The Here We Go Again’ face, and hello to happy faces that feel fully informed with what they’re signing up for.

Director of Photography
Oggi Tomic

P Lind

1st AC/DIT
J Howard

Film Location
London Wimbledon Studios

Client / Agency

Barclays Bank

Services Provided
4K Multi Camera, Lighting, Post Production