Ever since buying 5D Mark 4 and then moving onto Sony A7S, I have been collecting bits and pieces of equipment over the past few years to get that ever challenging goal of stable, cleanly focused DSLR video footage from my cameras when working on commercial and documentary projects.

This build has been carefully thought out and refined after much trial and error as well as lots of financial investment, to find that perfect solution.

My goal was to complete affordable Sony A7S rig to go alongside my Sony FS7 that could pack up easily, and yet still be useful mounted on or off of a tripod.  For this latest setup, I started with the SmallRig DSLR Shoulder Cage, Manfrotto hotshoe adapter to attach my Atomos Shogun Flame and top handle as seen below.  Alternatively, I have also ordered SmallRig Double Ballhead monitor clamp, which can also be used across other grips.


IMG_0664At first I was quite skeptical that monitor itself will be too heavy for the camera and would snap off but as I assembled everything, I was really pleased with the stability and sturdiness of the entire rig by this point.  But this was no the end, I felt the rig needed more stability especially for counterweight of the lens.

This led me onto SmallRig Low Profile Tripod Base plate with rod rail clamp, and although I have some spare rods as many of us filmmakers do, I also ordered some spare super lightweight 15mm aluminium rods.  Lastly, final piece of the puzzle was the SmallRig long lens support,

I really admired the simplicity of their products and although sounds like quite a lot to assemble and order, I was positively surprised how everything was lightweight and easy to pick off tripod to get those nice ‘on the fly’ shots – I find that their non-slip professional top handle with shoe mount helps a lot when doing this type of film work on documentaries.


This entire setup helped me hugely keep stable and capture the latest documentary featuring Shadow Child who presented a short film to accompany his new album, ‘Connected’, which was released via Food Music.’

This setup really helped me keep mobile yet stable following Shadow Child on his journey creating the album which takes inspiration from “small warehouses, basements of buildings, abandoned places” and sees him explore these influences alongside friends and peers. 

To order above mentioned items from SmallRig Amazon store, please go here.